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Gut Feelings (released November 2013) is a bound collection of my black & white comic work, self-published under The Spithouse moniker. The book consists of shorter stories that were initially done for anthologies such as Dimensions, Loda├žal, Jeans, and Snakebomb, as well as for gallery exhibitions like The Tortured Page and Four Square. It also includes the serialized comic, Sister we must Persist in This, which ran in the first three issues of Happiness, plus older, previously unpublished work.

“On the surface, Leah Wishnia’s anthology GUT FEELINGS visually reads as a tornado of frenetic and (at times) grotesque imagery, brimming with a stream of both rambunctious and tortured characters who are pitched in a mosaic of revolving hallucinogenic experience ... A vocal promotor for the use of comics as means to critique society in all its forms, Wishnia is vibrantly aware and entirely unapologetic of the subjects she tackles in GUT FEELINGS, her artistic voice echoing a resounding deference to the idea that “the political is personal.” A combination of memoir, dreamlike make-believe, and penetratingly raw humor, her collection introduces Wishnia as a promising cartoonist and storyteller, paving a future for budding artists to create material that is richly thought-provoking and resisting of the status quo.”

- Jessica Lee, The Comics Beat (read full review here)

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